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Snorkeling in St. Pete Beach

Experience our beautiful water and see some amazing marine life in the Gulf of Mexico with our guided snorkeling tours.
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St. Pete is great for snorkeling with its warm, clear waters and diverse marine life. From fish, shells, shark teeth, starfish to sea turtles, there’s something for everyone to see and experience.

Our guided snorkeling tours are the perfect way to explore the best snorkeling spots in St. Petersburg. Our Boat and Captain will take you to the best places to see marine life and teach you everything you need to know about snorkeling safely and responsibly.

Snorkeling Spots and what we see:

  • Egmont Key – Only accessible by boat Egmont is our favorite snorkeling spot. Here you will snorkel the ruins of Fort Dade, a Spanish fort from the 1800’s. This area has many species of fish to see along with things like sand dollars and starfish. There is also opportunity to see sea turtles and manatees.
  • Shell Key Preserve – Snorkel the clear, sandy beaches to find some souvenirs to take home. Here you will see beautiful fish, find some amazing shells, sand dollars and occasional shark teeth.

Our snorkeling tours are perfect for the family and all experience levels.

Experience St. Pete Beach Underwater